Monday, January 20, 2014

How Food Turned My Life Around

Learn how to keep Celiac Disease from stealing your health.

How Food Turned My Life Around
by Mary Jacoby Hastings

Learning to switch my thinking from "Live to eat!" to "Eat to live!" has impacted my life profoundly. I am on a life-changing journey as I accept and adapt to living with Celiac Disease. I write this blog as a tribute to a great physician who saved my life on more than on occasion because she is willing to listen to her patients and think outside the box. Dr. Monique Maly has a family practice integrating holistic with traditional medicine in Conifer, CO. Our doctor-patient relationship has evolved into more of a partnership as I finally begin to deal with gluten intolerance and the detrimental effects it has had on my overall mental and physical health.

It is my hope that this blog will help educate many others and perhaps force people to rethink what the core source of their serious health conditions might be. In my case, it took over 50 years for someone to identify that all of my life-threatening ailments can be traced to an autoimmune disorder that begins in the gut and blissfully ignorant, I was taking all the wrong steps to  "stay healthy" based on the sage wisdom of respected health and nutrition professionals. You see, wheat, rye, barley and other "poisons" (in my case) were destroying me from the inside out. The kind of high fiber diets most people rely on to stay "heart healthy" were actually killing me.

Follow my blog to find out why. Join me on a journey to learn how food turned my life around. 

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